A Step Above The Rest - revere's Comfortable Wedge

We’re walking you through our latest range of wedges, introducing you to the hidden support features, and what makes our comfort shoes a step above the rest.

Day to night, work to play – move between the two with style and grace! It’s now easier than ever with revere’s latest comfort shoes. With irresistible colour-ways, and of course style the Casablanca, Bari Floral, Sofia and Tahiti are the perfect shoes for wherever the day may take you!

Metatarsal Raise

Our metatarsal support has raised the bar in comfort technology – covered in a super-soft microfibre cloth, it acts as a cushion for your forefoot when walking. It’s also responsible for stopping that burning sensation we all know a little too well!

Contact with the Arch

Follow the curves of our footbed, and you’ll notice it almost looks like a foot print – we’ve added a slight raise where your arch sits in order to evenly distribute weight when you walk. This also allows for better foot and ankle alignment.


Heel Cups for Stability

Weak or wobbly ankles? Our new design seeks to help this with a deep heel cup. That small lip around the heel of the footbed helps to stabilise your ankle so you can walk with confidence!