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revere’s Personalized Fitting Kit is included with all styles. Regardless of whether your feet are narrow, wide, or a standard width, our system easily allows you to customize your fit to one that is completely unique to you! All components are included in the box.

Our Footbed or Yours

With superior arch support, our contoured footbeds stabilize and cushion your feet. Do you have your own? They’ll work too! You can fit your own orthotics or AFOs into our stylish footwear.

Need More Width?

It’s simple! Attach our strap extenders to the end of any shoe strap to add an extra 0.59” of adjustability if needed. Fit Tip - It’s perfect for those who have a wider foot.

A Little Roomy?

Our aqua colored full-length fillers are a “shoe-in” for half-sizes. Place them underneath the orthotic insole to reduce the volume in the shoe. Fit Tip - Use our fillers if you have narrow feet!

Forget the Slip

Do the backs of your shoes start to slip as you walk? Our humble forefoot filler will be your best friend. Place the blush colored filler underneath the insole in the forefoot to create a snug fit in the heel.

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