about revere shoes

Growing up in Australia meant long summers, time at the beach and plenty of opportunities to wear flip flops and sandals. When you’re younger, it doesn’t seem to matter if your shoes don’t fit perfectly or aren’t particularly comfortable as long as they look good!

Our passion for designing and launching revere Shoes was born from the endless opportunities we discovered when we listened to what our customers were asking for:

Comfortable, supportive sandals and shoes, but I want them to look pretty.

Shoes that are good for my heel pain.

Something that fits and doesn’t hurt my bunion.

I have one foot longer and wider than the other, and I find it hard to find shoes that fit.

I want to wear my orthotics in sandals and shoes that don’t look and feel orthopedic.

I wear an AFO or other leg brace and want to wear other options other than athletic shoes.

Stylish, fashionable sandals and shoes with phenomenal comfort and support, made in beautiful materials with unwavering attention to detail in the way we design our shoes, all with our unique fitting story.

We also wanted our brand name to reflect our personal values:

what revere means to us:


revere to
profoundly and respectfully

revere to
APPRECIATE, cherish,
and enjoy
be in awe of


revere to
ADORE and treasure
feel deep respect for

revere to
implies love and stresses the notion of an individual and personal attachment


revere to HOLD

revere to

"We hope that you Love our shoes as much as we enjoyed creating them for You!Our shoes are Inspired by fashion & designed for comfort."