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The Science of Revere Shoes Comfort

Explore the intricate anatomy and function of human feet, highlighting their role as a stable base, shock absorbers during walks, and propulsive levers for movement. Discover the complex interplay of over 100 ligaments, muscles, and tendons across 33 joints that support, control, and balance the foot through each step's dynamic process, from heel strike to toe-off.

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The American Podiatric Medical Association is the leading resource for foot health information.
Many revere products carry the APMA Seal of Acceptance.
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Our feet are amazing devices. They provide a steady base for the rest of the body to perch upon. They serve as shock absorbers as we walk, absorbing the impact of landing with a force that exceeds our body weight. They also act as propulsive levers, allowing us to push forward and in multiple directions.

There are over 100 different ligaments, muscles and tendons that connect this elaborate bone formation and it’s 33 joints. They control the foot’s movement, provide support, and allow us to balance without falling over.

All this intricate anatomy goes to work every time we take a step. In a normal, healthy gait, the heel hits the ground first. The calcaneus and a layer of fatty tissue underneath it absorbs some of the impact. As the foot rolls forward on its outside edge, the intrinsic muscles of the sole of the foot relax and allow the foot to pronate or collapse to the inside. Then the weight moves to the ball of the foot and over the joints formed by the metatarsals and the first, or proximal, phalanges. Finally, we get leverage by pushing off on our big toes, while the Achilles’ tendon lifts our heel.


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Foot pain can have many causes. Some people are born with irregularities like club foot or excessively high arches. These issues can often be corrected with surgery. A larger group of us have minor imperfections that become worse with age, weight, and overuse. For example, 20% of adults have flexible flat feet — their arches flatten out when they put weight on them but keep their shape when they don’t. This foot type can develop muscle and joint problems as we age, gain weight, or walk and stand excessively.

Another important cause of pain is overpronation, an excessive collapsing of the medial arch. This motion can cause inflammation in the plantar facia ligament, leading to plantar fasciitis. Overpronation can also produce detrimental effects up the kinetic chain, resulting in sore knees, hip joints, and lower back pain. Over supination, or walking on the outside edge of the foot, is less common but can cause similar issues.


A comfortable shoe is designed to help the foot maintain its natural function throughout the gait cycle and is very important for good foot health. A properly functioning foot is a comfortable foot! Revere shoes promote proper foot function.

• Revere shoes come standard with a very supportive orthotic footbed that helps to control overpronation. The anatomically contoured arch, encapsulating heel cup and cushioned support controls the foots motion throughout the gait cycle. For those needing additional or customized support, our footbeds can easily be replaced with custom orthotics, including our

• Our shoes are available in medium and wide widths, to accommodate wider feet and help to prevent bunions

• Revere shoes are built using a semi curved last shape to help promote a neutral foot at heel strike. The mid and outsole are designed to flex with the toes naturally, at the end of the metatarsals..

• Revere shoes come standard with a pair of full-length fillers, if needed, to help reduce volume for narrower feet. The fillers are designed to be placed under the orthotic insole, inside of the shoe.

• Revere shoes come with a pair of forefoot-fillers, designed to be placed under the toe are of the orthotic. This extra pad will help prevent your foot from slipping forward and secure the heel.

• For wider feet, Revere provides a set of 0.59” strap extenders, designed to comfortably extend the strap length on our sandals. These are perfect for wider feet or those with bunions.


“I have been recommending Revere sandals and footwear to my patients for over a decade. They provide unparalleled comfort, fit and stability allowing me as a Podiatrist to manage any foot problem that comes my way, including my prescription custom orthotics and many AFO’s. What sets Revere apart is their subtle yet undeniable sense of style, effortlessly blending fashion into function.”