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5 Things That Help Me Focus
I always pick the comfiest shoes in my closet. These ballet flats from revere Shoes are just that! They come with a removable footbed and also provide built-in-arch support. 
Mon, Jul 26, 21
The Most Comfortable Shoes - revere Shoes
I am very picky about the shoes I wear. Not only must they need to be chic but they also have to be comfortable. I am so happy that I got these sandals by revere.
Wed, Jul 14, 21
My Struggle with Shoes by Kate Schultz
Out of desperation and stubbornness, I searched the Internet for shoe recommendations. I eventually settled on revere's Geneva sandals.
Wed, Jun 30, 21
My Style: Canadian Tuxedo

I was very excited to try a pair of boots from revere Shoes, which are known for their comfort and fit. I am normally a 6.5 US and their size 6 US/37 EURO fits me great. 

Mon, Jun 14, 21
The Most Comfortable Boots with revere Shoes
revere Shoes are made for comfort and fit. All of their shoes use premium leathers and are made with comfort and quality as a top priority. 
Tue, May 25, 21
Great for Afo & Orthotic Wearers
When I say that I revere, revere Shoes, I’m not exaggerating. Okay, of course I don’t “revere” them in an idolized kinda way, (They’re just shoes after all ) but, I really really like them.
Mon, May 10, 21

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