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Article: The Best Shoes for Bunions: Comfort Meets Style

The Best Shoes for Bunions: Comfort Meets Style - Revere Shoes

The Best Shoes for Bunions: Comfort Meets Style

Bunions – also known as hallux valgus – are those unsightly and often sore bulges that develop on the side of the foot. They occur when the big toe leans in towards the other toes to form a bony lump at the bottom of the big toe joint. If you have one, you aren’t alone! Bunions are a common foot problem and as they become painful, they can interfere with daily activities such as walking and exercising. As with any ailment, it’s important to prevent it from exacerbating, and one of the first steps to managing this footcare woe is by choosing the best shoes for bunions.


First things first, if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, your bunions will only get worse (and no-one wants more foot pain, discomfort or inflammation). That’s why it’s essential to find proper shoes for feet with bunions. Wearing footwear that’s specifically designed for a good fit, comfort and support can slow down the progression of bunions and improve the alignment of your feet - and that’s exactly what we want!


The crux of the matter is the bunion itself. If you’re strolling around in narrow shoes that rub against the bunion, it’s going to aggravate it and encourage more enlargement, pain and misalignment of the foot. How to avoid this? A wide toe box! Revere shoes come in both medium and wide widths to help to prevent bunions and to support those who already suffer from them. The wider toe box is roomy enough to accommodate the big toe joint, ensuring that the toes and bunions have sufficient space and aren’t cramped or pressing into one another (which can force the toes into a different shape). This spacious toe box allows your toes to breathe! It reduces the risk of friction and alleviates discomfort and pain, so you can get on with your day without being held back by your feet problems.


When summer lands, we want sandals that cover bunions - not just to show off our pedi! That’s why we provide adjustable straps on many of our styles, as well as strap extenders. Adjustable straps allow you to loosen up the material around the affected area so your toes can breathe and your bunion isn’t compressed. They’re a subtle yet functional way of securing and supporting the bunion, whether it’s velcro straps, laces or buckles! For those who want extra room, simply attach the innovative revere strap extenders to the end of any shoe strap to add an extra 0.59” of adjustability. Now you’ve easily customized the fit to one that is completely unique to you, all the while enhancing comfort and reducing pressure. You also no longer have to feel self-conscious about having your feet on display as the straps conceal and support the bunion. These features really do ensure you find the best shoes for bunions regardless of the season!


Another component when searching for comfortable shoes for bunions is how supportive they are. Arch support is something we prioritize at revere, not only for general comfort and optimal foot health, but it plays a key role in relieving bunion pain and discomfort. The arch of the foot is a natural shock absorber for when your foot hits the ground, no matter if you’re walking, running or exercising. By supporting the curved arch, the pressure is disturbed across the foot to help ease pressure on the big toe joint where the bunion is. Our shoes take this into account with their contoured footbeds that have built-in arch support; many of which are also removable so you can insert your very own custom orthotic, AFO or brace. The footbeds have been carefully designed to the natural curves of the arch in order to support the foot, promote optimal foot alignment and prevent excessive pronation. Easing the pressure on the bunion joint greatly reduces the risk of the bunion getting worse. After all, bunions can be quite painful when inflamed, so supporting them at every opportunity is a must.


If you’re devoted to your heels - there’s no need to fear! Revere shoes are made for comfort and style so you never have to compromise one for the other. Padding and cushioning work to absorb impact under the front of your foot to alleviate discomfort, so your bunion doesn’t feel any impact of extra pressure. It doesn’t stop there. Our orthotic wedges have been designed with a functional metatarsal raise to evenly disperse weight and reduce excessive pressure under the ball of the foot. This makes it more comfortable when walking or standing and reduces stress and friction on the bunion. Comfort is key when it comes to bunions - remember that!


We understand the struggles of finding the best shoes for bunions which is why we’ve made it a seamless experience. Our customizable fit and unique features are specifically designed to ensure the best comfort and fit. Providing comfort, support and sufficient room maintains good foot health, improves foot alignment and slows the progression of your bunions worsening. Seek out our adaptable footwear styles and don’t let your bunions disrupt your daily life.


Discover women’s shoes for bunions.

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