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Article: Do orthopedic shoes really work?

Do orthopedic shoes really work? - Revere Shoes

Do orthopedic shoes really work?

Orthopedic shoes vs. regular shoes

When it comes to our feet, what we wear is really important. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of buying a pair of non-supportive, uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes because of how they look. You’re not alone. It’s only after one or two wears - when our feet are aching - we realize they are doing more harm than good. The optimal shoe is structured, supportive and fits perfectly. Can regular footwear rise to the challenge? Here’s our take on orthopedic shoes vs. regular shoes.

Fit is everything

Shoes have a function to protect your feet and whether you realize it or not, they happen to be the foundation of your posture. When you wear regular shoes that don’t fit correctly, you may experience uncomfortable foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, bunions and injuries. Wearing the wrong-sized shoes can even alter your gait, adding pressure to other parts of the body and affecting your daily activities - let’s avoid that where we can with proper footwear. However, do orthopedic shoes really work?

Once you purchase a pair of regular shoes, the size cannot be altered. This is a problem because the size of your feet can change naturally with age and for women in particular, it changes due to pregnancy. With our foot size changing, our shoe size changes! The beauty of orthopedic shoes lies in the ability of achieving the perfect fit for you. We understand the importance of this, so with every pair of shoes, we provide a personalized fit kit that includes a full-length forefoot filler and a half filler; both of which reduce the volume in the shoe and are especially great for narrower feet. The fillers can be trimmed to your exact preference and placed inside the shoe for a snug fit that also prevents your heel from slipping. The fillers can be placed under the orthotic insole, so you still have custom support and security around the heel.

Many regular shoes are available in half sizes and full sizes, however, this does not account for wider feet. Nor does it take into account those that suffer from common foot conditions, like bunions and hammertoe. A half size only adds to the length of the shoe but not to the width. The problem here is that not all feet are the same shape and there is a huge percentage of people suffering with foot conditions - so, adding to the length of a shoe does not help here. Orthopedic shoes take this into consideration and we at Revere create foot health shoes in both medium and wide widths. This accommodates those with wider feet, while protecting and preventing bunions. Regular shoes do not have this capability, but with Revere, you simply decide which shoes fit your foot shape. Medium or wide? We’ve got you covered. Narrow? You too! There’s more on that below.

For sandals, we also provide strap extenders which are designed to extend the strap length. These are perfect for wider feet or those with bunions as it prevents direct rubbing on the skin or affected area. For those with feet on the narrower side, many of our sandals include trim marks designed into the uppers that allow you to shorten the length of the strap for a seamless fit. Both of these unique features ensure you find the perfect fit, without taking away from the stylish design of the sandal. This is something that regular shoes simply cannot do. Another huge win when it comes to orthopedic shoe benefits.

Support is what you need

Even when shoes feel comfortable, if they don’t have the proper supportive infrastructure, they can lead to aches, pains and problems over time. If you have flat feet, you need arch support for stability. The Revere footbed features naturally built-in arch support that’s contoured with a semi-curved shape to cradle your feet. This orthotic footbed helps to promote a neutral foot at heel strike and control overpronation. It is cushioned and incorporates the heel cup to support the foot motion when walking. Meanwhile, the mid and outsole are designed to flex with the toes naturally, at the end of the metatarsals, so you have flexibility yet stability. Don’t underestimate the power of good arch support - it can be the difference between all-day comfortable walking and a painful ordeal!

Many regular high heels place your foot in an unnatural position with little to no padding. This puts stress on the ball of the foot and such pressure results in blisters, bunions and possible sprains. With orthotic footwear, you have a lot more support. Even Revere wedges are contoured to the natural curves of the foot and feature a metatarsal raise to evenly disperse weight and avoid pain. This is so important because the higher the heel, the more pressure you put on the balls of the feet which are prone to problems. Luckily you can avoid this with the best orthopedic shoes.

For those needing additional or customized support, Revere footbeds can be easily replaced with your very own custom orthotics that have been designed specifically for your foot problem. While orthotic footwear enables this, regular footwear does not have special fitting features that allow you to do this. Inserting your orthotic in a regular shoe can make it too tight and if you opt for a size bigger, this can result in an equally ill-fitting shoe that’s slightly big. Since our footbed can be removed to accommodate your custom orthotic, there is plenty of room for the insole to slot in, as well as a host of features to make your shoes fit perfectly, even with your own insole.

Now you have the answer to the question, do orthopedic shoes really work? Yes, orthopedic footwear really is designed to tick all those boxes and reigns supreme over regular footwear which can be ill-fitting, put pressure on feet and lead to many of those dreaded common foot problems.

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