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Article: Great for Afo & Orthotic Wearers

orthotic shoes

Great for Afo & Orthotic Wearers

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If you’ve been part of our perfectly imperfect tribe for any length of time, then you probably know that I’m a direct, say it like it is, kinda person. Just as I’m not the friend who’ll lie & tell you that your butt looks great in pastel pink leggings, I’m also not willing to clutter up this website with ads, or collaborate with brands that I don’t truly love & think are awesome for leg brace/orthotic wearers, or anyone else with problem feet.

So, when I say that I revere, revere Shoes, I’m not exaggerating. Okay, of course I don’t “revere” them in an idolized kinda way, (They’re just shoes after all ) but, I really really like them.

Why? Well, first off, revere Shoes is an Australian Company, & everyone knows that the folks down under know a ton about style and quality. Plus, they have the coolest accents ever! I smile every time my Australian Siri female voice guides me safely to my destination.

Not a reason to buy their shoes, I know! But here are 5 legit reasons why revere Shoes rock!

orthotic shoes

5 Reasons Why I Love revere Shoes (And You Will Too!)

1. The Footbeds Are Removable

If you wear leg braces like I do, then I don’t have to tell you that the greatest challenge most of us face when shoe shopping, is the real struggle of just getting our da#% braces inside any cute da#% shoes. Fortunately, revere Shoes addresses this problem by making all of their shoe’s footbeds completely removable.

Pictured above is me (rather my feet) in revere’s leather/python/metallic Damascus booties. In addition to their removable footbed, they come in a wide width, have a slip resistant sole, and, offer an easy to access, asymmetrical side zip.

With those footbeds gone (buh bye!), there’s ample room to insert custom orthotics and many styles of leg braces . And, for those of you who do not wear orthosis, revere Shoes is known for their amazing & therapeutic arch support. So far so good, right?

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2. They Come With Strap Extensions For Wide Feet

Wide feet? Inflammation? Feet that swell in the heat? Well, as they say in Australia, “No Worries Mate”, revere’s got you covered.

Included with all of their sandals (and all other strap closure shoes), are a set of strap extensions. These strap extensions allow the wearer to easily adjust & customize their shoe’s fit as needed. And, if you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m a custom kinda girl!

Also, since performing fine motor tasks is not in my wheelhouse (my funky CMT have zero pincher grip), I get excited (as does my credit card) when I discover fashionable shoes with velcro closures.

3. They Are Really Comfortable!

If contestants on Family Feud were asked, “What are the top 10 things shoe buyer’s look for?” I’m pretty sure that, “comfort” would be number #1 on the board. Above, I’m wearing revere’s Siena bootie in leopard. Unlike my Damascus bootie, the Siena has a small, no-slip heel.

When I first saw them, I had serious doubts that I’d even be able to walk in them, let alone well enough (heel to toe) & without discomfort for any length of time. To my surprise, they are extremely  comfortable & lightweight. Plus, the slightly pointed toe box, which I typically avoid for fear of cramming my funky toes, is surprisingly roomy & flattering.

Although I’m definitely better balanced in revere’s Damascus bootie, with it’s perfectly angled, slight wedge sole, the Siena is my “going out” bootie reserved for date nights & dinners out with friends. I’ve got the Siena in black python on my Holiday list.

4. They Include Shoe Fillers & Gifts

Do you wear just one Afo? Is one shoe always slipping around on you? I love that revere Shoes includes shoe fillers in their boxes like I recommend in my, Afo & Orthotic Hacks Post.  All you have to do, is slip one into the too big for you shoe, and voila, it just may fit!

revere Shoes is all about the details. You gotta love a brand that goes the extra mile (ugh, so many cliches! But, it’s true). I’m a detail kinda girl & when my boxes arrived, I was impressed by the beautiful packaging & the little extras they include like a large burlap bag & shoe horn.

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orthotic shoes

5. They Will Last For A Loooooong Time!

Shoes are like girlfriends. It’s way better to have a few quality ones that you can count on to hold you up from season to season, vs a ton of cheap ones that will fall apart & bail on you after minimal wear.

Composed of only high quality, premium leathers & materials, revere Shoes are those quality  friends that last. Of course, quality comes with a price tag (cliché but true).

I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful I can even walk! Surely I can forgo a few weeks of unnecessary Target purchases & Starbucks lattes in order to show my feet the love they deserve. My tootsies & self-confidence is worth the small investment!

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