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Article: The Sandals You Need

The Sandals You Need - Revere Shoes

The Sandals You Need

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This post is all about a pair of revere Shoes sandals you need in your wardrobe.

A pair that literally saved my feet after miles and miles of walking all over Europe last month. Now I knew they were going to be one of my comfier options during our trip. But little did I know how much these babies would come to my rescue.

woman with sandals

In researching what to pack for our Europe trip there was one piece of advice that kept coming up. And that was don’t wear sneakers if you want to blend in. Apparently sneakers are very American. So to avoid looking like a tourist advisers suggest leaving the sneakers at home.

Knowing that my husband and I would be doing our fair share of walking while exploring Europe. I knew a good pair of comfortable shoes would be essential. I have very weak ankles so strenuous walking tends to result in barely walking conditions after while. Therefore good quality ankle and foot support is crucial. So when revere Shoes approached me with their new summer line I knew my focus would be selecting a pair of sandals to take with me to Europe.

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Now it is important to point out that we walked to almost every destination throughout our trip. And much of our walking was on loose and uneven cobblestone materials. Which naturally can take a toll on your feet if not supported properly. My ankles were definitely starting to feel the strain. Thankfully halfway through our 9 day trip I chose to wear my revere sandals and immediately wondered why I hadn’t worn them sooner.

It was like I was walking with cushioned clouds securely wrapped around my feet. Not once did I experience rubbing or irritation of the skin while exploring and climbing through castles and such that day (yes castles!). I could literally feel the materials contour with my movements with absolute comfort and ease. It was magic. I was beyond impressed and to say I was so glad they were on my feet was an understatement.

Their mission is to produce a product with incredible comfort and support combined with stylish and beautifully-crafted designs. All of their shoes are made with hand-sourced premium leathers. Not only are their shoes designed to handle all-day wear, but naturally stretch and soften over time. In addition, each pair of their sandals come with complimentary extension straps for the perfect fit. As well as removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics.


Bringing my revere sandals on our trip was the best decision ever! Not only are they a classic and versatile design. But the amount of comfort and support they provided my feet was like no other I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t be more pleased with my sandals. I will definitely be considering another pair from their collection.

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