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Article: Staying Comfortable...

Staying Comfortable... - Revere Shoes

Staying Comfortable...

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Happy Monday! Liam and I have officially moved back to Houston from living in San Antonio for the past month and a half. Even though I absolutely love San Antonio, I'm glad to be back. We move into our new house in about two weeks and there's so much to be done. I'm going to attempt to set up everything before baby C is here.

I've been so busy with life the past two months. I can finally relax during these last two months of pregnancy. During my first week of school, I didn't realize how much walking I'd be doing on campus. I usually wear my leather sandals but started to notice aching and roughness at the soles of my feet after a few days. I started to wear more comfortable shoes on days where I knew I'd be spending a lot of time on my feet. I never realized how much time I spent walking, not just at school but also when I'd take Liam to the park or store. My revere shoes have been so so comfortable. The support and soft cushion that it gives is life changing. I feel like I was walking on pillows. If you haven't heard of revere, I'd definitely check out their site. They offer tons of cute and comfy sandals, flats, and booties. 

We went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas when my family visited me and I was probably on my feet for 5 straight hours. I've never been big on sneakers during the summer because my feet get so hot so my revere sandals are perfect! This boy just loves being outdoors and doing new things, especially with his Aunt and cousins. Going to the amusement park 7 month pregnant isn't ideal but I see it a win win because he gets to enjoy summer and I'm essentially forced tp get my exercise in. Which, I believe is important during pregnancy. 

Thank you so much for reading! 



*Photos by Banavenue

*Thank you to revere for sponsoring this post! As always all opinion are my own. 

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