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Article: Spring Sandals – Style and Comfort

Spring Sandals – Style and Comfort - Revere Shoes

Spring Sandals – Style and Comfort

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Spring sandals are a wardrobe essential. Spring in Seattle brings lots of neighborhood strolls and day trips to take in all of the beautiful blooms that the change in season brings. In order to find classic spring sandals that can keep up with all of the Spring adventures, I turned once again to revere Shoes!

woman with spring sandals

While spring is in full swing in most places, Seattle is always pretty late to the game when it comes to nice weather. Luckily, the weather is finally starting to change and the city is in full bloom. Zack and I decided to take advantage of the Spring-esque weather that Seattle is giving us and hop on a fairy to Bainbridge for a little day adventure! As I mentioned above, I turned to revere for spring sandals that could handle the miles of walking, boat rides, rocky beaches, and the little bit of rain we can always count on from Seattle.

As always, revere didn’t disappoint with their seasonal selection of shoes. Comfort and style go hand in hand with all of their styles and you can bet that your feet will be happy after walking in a pair of revere Shoes all day. I chose to pick up a pair of the Tahiti sandals. I have been loving prints lately so I couldn’t resist the leopard print!

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Zack and I walked down some really rocky beaches, which actually required some light bouldering tactics to access. My sandals were up to the challenge and they prevailed! The footbed feels like that of your comfiest running shoe while aesthetically they are feminine and beautiful. The elastic strap and adjustable clasp form to the size and shape of your feet, so there is no uncomfortable straps.

We’ve all been there… you put on a pair of shoes for a long day of walking and you start to discover every single uncomfortable thing about the shoe. It pinches, it rubs, sometimes causes blisters. You literally never have to worry about that with revere Shoes! You can take them right out of the box and they will always feel like you’re walking on pillows!

woman with spring sandals

I have several pairs of revere shoes and have raved about them for over a year now. You can check out my posts about their gorgeous leather flats and their snake skin slides!

Thank you revere Shoes for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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